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Memotone Music Visual

This is a sound experiment rather than a verse corus verse piece. So do not be surprised if it goes off in some funny directions.
I first played a trupmet two weeks ago, so please bare with me. And enjoy.


New Live Piece 2009

I have just finished my latest piece called ‘Difference Revealed’. The piece is a re-work of a piece called ‘Difference Released’ by ‘Will’ (www.myspace.com/willplowman) on the lable ‘A Future Without’.
After my first hearing of the original piece, in my head I was putting together all sorts of other bits that I thought may sound nice. After coming up with a few different ideas I thought I would ask Will Plowman if I could have a go at remixing his piece. He happily accepted my request which I was obviously very pleased about. I started to work on the piece the next day. I didnt quite know what to do so I imported his track as a whole and started to cut it up. I knew I wanted to make something with a different feel to the original piece but I didn’t know in which direction that difference would come from. I started out adding melodica, acoustic guitar and then drums. I was quite happy with the progression and got to about half way through the track when I relaised it was not what I wanted. So I scrapped it all apart from the original intro which I had run some wind chimes over the top of and a few dark sounding effects to some time stretched parts of the original piano. I left it for a day. When I came back to it I had recorded some distorted electric guitar phrases to go into from the intro. it worked quite well with some cut up and sped up parts of the piano. I diceded to drop in a wonky beat made up of all sorts of sounds and drum hits. It sounded quite good, but not what I wanted. I did not delete it this time though, I just saved it and have left it to work off of later. Finally today, I sat down and stared at the screen. As I was staring I noticed my trumpet and violin out of the corner of my eye. I started to play them along with the intro and it felt and sounded right. So I started to record bits and bobs. It just kept flowing on its own course. The music was directing me rather than me having to think about its direction. Thats when you know the music your working on is going well. I was on such a role that I managed to finish the whole piece in a few hours. Even if it did take 3 days to get there.
If you would like to hear the piece you can find it on my myspace at www.myspace.com/williamyatesmusic and if you are interested to hear the original you can download Difference Release by ‘Will’ from http://will.bandcamp.com/track/difference-released
Please enjoy.
All the best,

I have just returned from a trip up to Brighton to stay with my friend who is at Sussex uni. Once I got to Brighton we both took the train from there up to London to go to the barbican to see Kings of Convenience. They, and there support ‘Tiger Tiger’ were very good. But that was the sadly one of the last things on my mind, because as I am claustrophobic, the London Underground was a great struggle for me. It is a very strange feeling being a logical thinking person but also having Claustrophobia. It goes against everything in my philosophy. But it also has helped me to understand the irrational behaviour of certain individuals in a compleatly rational situation. It’s not always about logic or reason. Sometimes feelings overcome all understanding and ruin everything you thought you knew. I am still young and don’t know much, but I know I hate the London Underground. And probably always will.
On the train journey up and down from Brighton I did a vew sketches to pass the time.
Here are two of them.

William Yates Illustration

William Yates Illustration

I am soon to be uploading a new live video to youtube. So keep an eye out.
All the best,

I do not know if it’s the same with every artist, but I find on contemplation of my old music, even that of the beginning of this year, I seem to have a slight disregard for its quality. I think I even dissmiss the fact that I ever liked it at all and was ever proud of it. Just because I have moved on since then. Maybe my style has matured and my concepts have become stronger but that does not mean what I was doing befor was of no worth. And it always takes me to listen to my old music to relaise I can enjoy it still. And even be proud of it. It’s where my new music has come from. The path to where I am now. How could I think anything bad of it when It has lead me to a place I am so happy with.
After listening through my last album ‘Beyond The Next Room’ I realised that it is nearly all good. And was very happy afterwards that I had made that music. But before listening I was sure I would laugh at the infantile production value and sound quality. I was wrong. But maybe because it took me by surprise it had a more posotive effect than if I had been expecting something good. So I will leave on the note that the album is crap. And would you like a listen?
You can find it on itunes if you follow this tab.

If you do enjoy it. Please feel free to throw a few pennies in my direction.
Thankyou kindly,

William Yates/memotone

Beyond The Next Room

I have a new track up on my myspace. Finishing this track has ment finishing the album. So hopefully I will soon be giving you news on its release. But untill then, you can hear the new tune ‘Spoon Shaped’ at:

Thanks again,

On other musical news…

Last night I was the profiled artist on the BBC Wiltshire radio programme ‘Introducing’. Sadly I did not get to hear is live but have heard it on listen again and am very happy. They play two of my tracks and do a little talking about me. Which is great. There is also some other really good music on the programme throughout so if you would like to lend your ears. Please listen again on BBC i player at:
Thanks a lot,
William Yates/memotone

BBC Wiltshire.