October, 2020 Archives

Again, it’s been a little while since I updated the site. But each time it gives me time to build up a small list of things to share.

Over the last few months I’ve done a live stream from my home “studio” for the Italian music blog/website Son Of Marketing. You can read about it HERE and enjoy the full live video below.

I also released a new tape album under my Halfnelson alias on the Industrial Coast label. The cassettes sold out in a matter of hours, but digi is forever and I’m selling it for 50p through my Bandcamp. Stream below.

Finally, I have the second installment of the O.G. Jigg project coming out NEXT WEEK (6th of November 2020) – Once again with a B-side packed full of excellent remixes, from the likes of FUMU, Best Available Technology, U, Grim Lusk, Bone Head and DJ Damage, Throwing Snow and Luke Lund.

The original music that makes up the A-side is a little more explorative this time, calling on synthersisers and a wider variety of instruments to create the atmospheres, but still being heavily informed my medieval and baroque themes. PRE ORDER GOING UP THIS FRIDAY.