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I went up over the hills into a large valley with a pine wood on one side and the edge of a distant vale behind. Once up there I set up my binaural microphones on a tripod with a dummy head and climbed a little way down the valley leaving my microphone recording at the top. I then lit a dynamite banger and threw it high into the air. The banger exploded peeling and echo over the hills and wood and finally, 10 seconds after the initial explosion, a soft scattering of sound against the rim of the distant vale.

This is the piano part to a track from my forthcoming album ‘I Sleep. At Waking’ coming out on Black Acre Records towards the end of the year.
Performed on the Nord Piano 88 and recorded using a Zoom H4.


A short film about the release of my Hands EP on A Future Without. Shot, edited and directed by Jay Waldon. ENJOY!

Independent Approaches

A simple piano melody recorded on the Nord Piano 88 using a Zoom H4 portable recorder.
One to add to my slowly growing ‘Piano Phrases’ collection.

New Piano Phrase video.

Short and sweet.


Yet another new live video.


I appreciate it’s a little long. If you have the time I am very greatful. It evolves nicely I think…

This is a new track I have put together for a sting of live shows I will be doing over here in the UK. If you go to my website you can find dates and venues.
For bookings please contact [email protected]
Live loops on the Boss RC-50 loop-station (by my feet)
MPC 1000, Kaoss Pad 3, Nord Piano 88, Alesis Micron. Drumkit…

A Lullaby For Ellen


Should be a good one! Come on down if you in the area.

Yo all. Just a heads up to say I am playing at THE CROFT in Bristol this Saturday (5th May) supporting DARK SKY. Would be great if you could make it!

p.s. Playing in BRIGHTON on the 25th at Fourtune of War for Throw Some Shapes. WILL BE A GOOD ONE!