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A superd LP from The Caretaker.

Read full review of Persistent Repetition Of Phrases – THE CARETAKER on ©

The Caretaker

‘BlaBla’ A brilliant short interactive film/sound design. You will not regret following this link.


Here is the startings of a new piece. Please enjoy.
It’s Out There Waiting [CLIP] (TRACK IN PROGRESS) by memotone

A New Piece In Progress.

You can now listen again to the latest show on NTS Live! Feat. Memotone, Troy Gunner, Augustus Ghost, Guy Andrews, Dauwd and an exlusive guest mix from Lapalux (Pictures Music)….
Last Dance London 13.05.2011 by NTS RADIO

The Memotone and Leafcutter John Collaboration was played on Gilles Peterson’s Radio 1 and international shows last night. To listen again visit: HERE It’s around 01:26:00. Enjoy!

Just a bit of fun, live looping house hold objects a drumkit and a keyboard. Enjoy!

Percussion Live Loops.

Memoosh [Collaboration with Soosh] PART 1 by memotone
After sending over a load of my recordings to Soosh, him putting them together with his own sounds and then me adding the finishing touches. This is the outcome of our collaboration Part 1. Enjoy!
Part 2 to follow.

Here is my lastest piece for Cello, Clarinet, Piano and Synth.
Written, produced and performed by William Yates.
Not At Home by memotone

Thanks to Throw Some Shapes for putting on a good night!