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The MP3 version of my EP for Raised By Records is now available to download from all good digi outlets.

However, if you want to wait until the 3rd of October to get your hands on a special 12″ (which will be cheeper to buy direct from, here is what you would be getting.

The vinyl release comes with the following additional content:

320KB Download of all the tracks
+ Reanimate [BONUS TRACK] – ONLY available when purchased from us

Memotone ‘As the Wind Draws’ photographic artwork print

Memotone ‘Stonehead’ drawing

Memotone piano phrase sketch

Raised By Records ‘R’ Sticker

Memotone Sample pack


Here are some samples of the tracks on the EP.
Small Good Thing [LIVE] Preview [Forthcoming Raised By Records 26/09/11] by memotone
Known; Preview [Forthcoming Raised By Records 26/09/11] by memotone
Nightshift; Preview [Forthcoming Raised By Records 26/09/11] by memotone


This is a short and simple piece of piano as a wave goodbye to the summer. I will be uploading a full instrumental version of the track which will include cello, clarinet and probably a bit of voice, in the next few days.

Performed on the Nord Piano 88.

To see more live videos please visit my YouTube channel here: MEMOTONEVIDEOS



FREE EP: by memotone

This is a track I wrote for my ‘LOST HOURS EP’ out on the 31st Oct 2011 with Black Acre. However, it has now been replaced by a different track for the EP. It may still be included in a future release but for now you can listen to it for free via my soundcloud page! ENJOY!
Dark Under The Eyes [UNRELEASED] by memotone

Dark Under The Eyes [UNRELEASED]

Here you can listen to a little mix I put together for the boys at LUCID.

Check out there website here: LUCID.

003 MEMOTONE by Lucid on Mixcloud



Get to Start The Bus tomorrow night for the Raised By Records EP Launch Party. Theres Me, Kahn, Throwing Snow, Vessel, Guy Andrews, Last Dance London DJ’s and Ambiotics playing through the night. Get ready for a BIG one!

Here is a collaboration I did with a producer named Klātu from Montreal.
It started out as a selection of instrumental samples I sent over to him, he put them together with his own beats and arrangement then sent all the stems back to me to re-re arrange. I did so and also recorded some of my own new additions to the track. At the end of it I sent it back over to him for confirmation, luckly we are both happy with it! So enjoy!

They Looked a Bit Like Us [Memotone and Klātu] by memotone