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William Yates Illustration

I have recently been given a clarinet. Its a brilliant instrument, a very much appreciated addition to my set up. Its also a very good example of a clarinet. Especially to just be given to me for free. Its a wooden Besson & Co. Beautiful tone. Especially on the low notes. So I have been very busy playing that, far to busy to write anyhting on a blog. And saldy also far to busy to be making any new music or visuals. But, now I have given myself a break. So I can share a bit of what is going on at the moment.
I have just bought some nice Audio Technica Headphones. I only spent 45 pounds on them and there brilliant. They are the ATH M30’s. amazing frequency response. As true a sound as I have heard from headphones. So I encourage anyone who is looking for a decent pair of cans to look in there direction. Or AKG’s. There very good too.
Also, I have been hovering over the ‘Buy Now’ tab for the Korg MicroSampler. It looks really good. And I know I could put it to good use. But it is £375 and I have just get a new car. Which has stripped me of most of my money. And on top of that christmas is coming up. So thats more money put aside. And then today, my vespa broke down and had to go in to get a new petrol feed pipe. Which is more money out of my pocket. So sadly it looks as if I will have to put it on hold. Which is not a bad thing as it gives me a chance to read more reviews watch more demos and decide if I need it aswell as my MPC 1000.
If you have any information or opinion on the KORG MicroSampler please let me know.
But now I must get back to my clarinet.

A new piece of music is on the horizon. Just have to get the into right and I’m away. Also a new animation is in the build. So keep ears and eyes open!
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If you missed it last night, listen again at:
Enjoy and thanks.

Memotone Live on BBC Introducing.

I think the trick is to find a balance between understandable and complex feelings. Giving a piece enough normality for people to connect with but also enough obscurity to keep there attention. Something new with something comfortable. That universal connection is usual through a beat, because everyone has a sence of rhythm. Even if they dont think so. What I dont want it for my work to become to personal and loosing my audience through my self indulgment. I always try to be thoughtful towards what I want people to take from my music. And try and subtly lead them in that direction. Music without thought is like a building on sand. It doesn’t last very long. Wishy Washy groups and producers come and go but something like Shostakovich or Brian Eno for a more contempory example, will be with us for generations.

Over the last week I have been trying to perfect two pieces that I will be performing live on BBC Radio Wiltshire tomorrow eveining from 7 ‘o’ clock. I have been invited onto the BBC Introducing programme after sending them some of my music and becoming the ‘featured artist’ on a september programme. This time around I am actually going into the studio to perform live and talk a bit about my music, which I am happy about. I just hope it all goes well. The pieces I am playing have many parts that could go wrong, so hopefully I have practised enough and will be confidant enough to pull it off. I have recently been told of the ‘BBC Introducing Stage’ at Glastonbury music festival. Which makes me even more excited about doing the radio gig because it means there is a slight chance that someone might hear it, and if I can perform well enough, maybe I will be put into some sort of draw in which the winner gets to play on said stage. I would be over to moon with that. Not that I am not alredy very happy with the opportunity I have been given this time around. So please, if you can, tune into BBC Radio Wiltshire, Which you can do here:
And if you miss it, the programme with be on BBC iplayer for a week afterwards. So I will update this blog with a link to a ‘play it again’ page.

Animation and Simple Motion.

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A new upload for the 2010 collection is now available for free streaming on myspace at:


New piece ‘moto’.