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Four Tracks For Free by memotone


Four Tracks For Free

Just a little bit of fun using the Alesis Micron, Boss RC-50 loop station, MPC 1000 Kaoss Pad 3 and a few jars and tins.

Merry Christmas,

Live Looping

Memotone, SoundClouder Of the Day.

This is the newest instalment for an EP I am releasing on Black Acre early next year.
Please enjoy:
Clockwork Horse by memotone

A selection of tracks from my August 2010 release with A Future Without Please enjoy the listen and share the link (
2 Free downloads (Friend/Amble) but if you feel you just must own the whole album 😉 just click on the buy tab at the top of this page, or search for it on any good music download retailer.


Friend Album Selection by memotone

I was thinking of this for the B-side of my next EP. But now I am not so sure. Have a listen and let me know what you think.
Reanimate by memotone

Possible B-Side?