October, 2010 Archives

Clips of video taken from my last live set performed along side Will Plowman at the Cube Cinema in Bristol supporting a band called ‘LUND’. see more from Lund and Will Plowman here:
Just a taste of how the evening went.
Please enjoy.

A simple key arrangement with live accompanying guitar and Zither. Maybe a little to long for public consumption, but once I’ve start playing sometimes it can take hours to return. So a short journey really.


Memotone Live Improvisation

Live looping using the Yamaha NP-30, Alesis Micron and MPC running through a Kaoss Pad 3 into a Boss RC-50 loop station.
This years Halloween offering.


The Memotone Halloween Special.

This is the first in an on-going set of videos. All of which will be short piano phrases written by me.
Please enjoy

Piano Phrase One

Live looping keys, clarinet and MPC.

Memotone; ‘Autumn’ Live 2010

Memotone ‘The Box’ Live video.