“Sounds like it was snatched from a dub version of some late 60’s session recorded by Rudy Van Gelder for the Impulse! label. It’s the sound of the wee small hours, reverbarating across time and place; everywhere and nowhere.” WIRE magazine 2020

“Chime Hours; oscillating from tortuous passages of hyper tech-noise to sleep-paralysis doom jazz tension via field recordings and inverted tech-step mutations with the kind of lucid vision that leads to a genuinely suspended disbelief. 

Some mistily layered phantasia or sonic uchronia where the middle ages bleed into the future, and vice-versa.” Boomkat 2016

“From his suitably bleak vantage point, Yates deftly triangulates the English folk music of his rural upbringing that draws out sinister undercurrents. He blends in and responds to field recordings with the same restraint that makes his techno/classical meeting a rare success.” WIRE magazine 2016

“Blending a passion for experimental classical music with a clear understanding of bass music, Yate’s vision is quite strikingly unique,” Boomkat 2012

“Acoustic Abstraction one of the most inspirational sample libraries we have released to date. Developed by the insanely talented multi-instrumentalist Memotone, this beautiful collection of loops and samples has such a range of wonderful and diverse sounds, the first time we played it in the office, we were literally stunned to silence.” Samplephonics

“One of the most astounding pieces on the release (Life Between Screens) is Memotone’s “Abbots Bromley Horn Dance”, a thrillingly bizarre piece of music that blends moods, eras and styles in a single unit. Built around a chilling recorder melody that’s straight out of the May Day celebrations of The Wicker Man, Memotone undercuts this playfulness with large swathes of distorted noise before injecting dolor with mournful clarinet harmonies. It’s a truly singular piece that takes the listener into realms uncharted and unexpected, in the same way that Manni Dee hoped to draw the assembled producers away from the norm.” Truants –

Memotone is a multi-instrumentalist and producer specialising in minimal, ambient and modern classical music. More recently exploring the darker, heavy side of dance music and other popular genres. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, his sound is made up of layered instrumentation over the top of field recordings, distant conversation, atmospheres and effects. Also showing a keen interest in sound-scape and textural experimentation.

Memotone mainly works in his home studio in Bristol, but also has a live
performance. His show is a captivating blend of live
instrumentation including piano & clarinet, analogue synthesizer, OP-1, samplers (and sometimes cello, zither, guitar, bass and drums) running through a
mackie mixer, looped on a Boss RC-50 loop pedal with live audio effected
from a various pedals and analog delay units and samples triggered from an MPC 1000 and Octatrack. When playing, William Yates is switching from instrument to instrument, from pads to keys and from pedal to pedal and sometimes all together.

“There are many more restrictions in live music, especially when
performing on your own but it does bring something different to the music altogether that may be lost in a studio environment. When I play live I try and make it so every sound you hear you can see me create or trigger (when samples are involved.) I never use a laptop on stage and want to keep it that way. I think its much more interesting for the crowd and as a performer.”


“Like a great art-house movie memotone’s music can take you places you never knew existed.” – Q Magazine

” **** Arvo Part, Gorecki and DJ Shadow combine on this extraordinary neo-classical electronica album by multi-instrumentalist William Yates. Zithers, clarinets, ping-pong balls or samples from distant conversations are all employed as part of his arsenal. Often using field recordings to set a mood, Yates layers on live insturments, sometimes playing gorgeous melodies, at other points adopting a groove-laden, dissonant approach” – Mojo Magazine

” Last time we received a memotone EP we said it sounded like escaping a hospital ward with a brain injury trying to remember your past. This is similarly bleak. It’s his first full album, and the longer format helps him conjure and otherworldly state of mind with avant-guard pianos, eastern drum beats and jazzy electronics. This is art from every conceivable angle and an impressive experience.” The Ocelot

Quotes about the ‘Memoosh LP’

“They are through to the final round of The X Factor, sounds great!”

“Beautifully laidback and mellow!”

“1st Avenue original mix is wicked,infact alot of this is wicked
these guys are fucking good!”

“Very beautiful”

Away from his personal music, William Yates also works as a composer and producer.

For Bookings (Live Set) email: [email protected]

If you need to get in touch with me directly you can do so via email or social media

Email Address: [email protected]



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