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The latest EP is out now on A Future Without.


If you want more than just a digital release you can buy a limited run of Memotone T-shirts designed by myself which will come with a free download of the EP.



For the full release and to grab a T-shirt (with a few stickers for good measure) please follow this link:





“UK producer Memotone is preparing to release Hands, a six-track EP of ambient, bassy works, via A Future Without on March 26. “It’s Out There Waiting” is the brooding fifth track from that release. The track flutters with an lush string arranement, a choir of handclaps, a male falsetto, and a slightly unsteady rhythm, all of which was performed and recorded by the artist himself. It all makes for a sparse and focused song, one that trudges along with a sinister thud. You can stream the rest of the Hands EP here.”



Free Download on XLR8T

Mini mix for my Hands EP which will be available as a limited run of T-Shirts designed by myself as well as having a full digital release all on 26th March via A Future Without

I have put a track together for the promotional video for Kevin Parr’s new book ‘The Twitch

Edward J Banger is a man obsessed. The drudgery of a nine to five job and the pressures of maintaining a healthy marriage and raising teenage girls are unwelcome inconveniences. The real challenge is ticking boxes.
He is determined to win the annual bird race, a competition steeped in history and glory. All he has to do is see more species of birds in the British Isles than anyone else, all within a single calendar year – and he is willing to do anything to win.

A word from the publishers:

We think authors and readers should decide which books get published. On the Unbound site, authors pitch their ideas directly to you. If you like what you read, you can pledge your support to help make the book happen. Everyone who supports an author before they reach 100% of the funding target gets their name printed in every edition of that book. All levels include a digital version and immediate access to the author’s shed while they write the book, and supporters of projects that don’t reach their target receive a full refund.
If you like the sound of that, then sign up and have a look around. We’ve got some great projects and we’d love you to help make them happen. We’re @unbounders on Twitter by the way.

Head over to their site and please make a pledge if you like the look of ‘The Twitch’.

Cheers to all at ‘The Soul Electronic

“We bring you our first compilation, The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul, featuring sixteen exclusive tracks from a range of exciting producers. The compilation was a collaborative project between ourselves, Generic People, The Leaving Scene, and Life Crushed— and if you’re at all familiar with these blogs, surely you understand why they’re three of our favorites. A huge thank you is in order to our lovely blogging peers, as it was a pleasure to collaborate with such thoughtful, dedicated individuals. An even bigger thank you, of course, must go out to all contributing artists— and especially the four who contributed a track on our behalf: tasteful newcomer Mig Dfoe, the outrageously skilled Memotone, the deep and revelatory Sarp Yilmaz, and finally, the red-hot bass duo Sibian & Faun. We cannot thank these guys enough!”

Take a look at the tracklist (diligently arranged by Riley of TLS) and download the compilation below. We very much hope you enjoy what you hear.

To download follow this link and click ‘Download’: The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul

01. Apple Bottom – Girl Cry
02. George Jetson – Birthday Sex
03. Sarp Yilmaz – Disco Inferno
04. Lex – What Else
05. Mosis – Waiting Games
06. The Blank – Say It All
07. Sibian & Faun – Remember
08. Stavrogin – Interval
09. Mig Dfoe – Zero
10. Deadbit – Collided
11. Strict Face – Bad Girls Ha (JD’s Club Fuck)
12. Nehuen – I Was There
13. Adlane – I Feel Good
14. Dro Carey – Gunmouth
15. Memotone – They Feel It Moving
16. Tony Devotion – King V.2