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After the release of my ‘Friend’ EP this August (2010) which included a version of this track which I finished last year in December, That version is now to my ears not quite sharp enough but I hope you do still enjoy the release and I am proud of all the tracks on it. If you want this finalized version of Friend I will be making it downloadable it for free. To download just follow this link and click the downward facing arrow on the player:
Friend by memotone

Friend Re-work

Fruit by memotone
This is a rework of my track ‘Three Oranges’. I have scrapped the dancy first quater and replaced it with a selection of filed recordings, strange drum patterns and a glass choir. But for all of you who enjoyed the original it will be released on a free EP via A future without in September.
Please enjoy!


New Piece ‘Fruit’

During the Big Chill festival I was played on Big Chill Radio as part of an early morning set during the sun rise. The show featured ‘Sleeping In Circles’ and two hours of other beautiful music. To hear it again listen here:
All the best,

Memotone on Big Chill Radio

Friend Album Preview by memotone
A short taste of my latest album ‘Friend’ released by A Future Without on the 16th of August.
Please enjoy!

Friend, Album Release

I uploaded this piece about three weeks ago with the idea that it was finished, but now after a few level tweeks and piano edits it is finished!

Please enjoy!
You by memotone

The final edit of ‘You’

It has taken me a week to start and finish this piece which is one of the longest times I have spent on a track. PArtly this is due to re-recording section that I didn’t feel were quite right and partly because there were lots of bits I just scrapped and reworked. In the final it has turned out to be a collision of two styles slightly overlapping each other. A more dancy introduction with a down tempo finish.
Please Enjoy.

Three Oranges by memotone

New Track ‘Three Oranges’