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A mix of discordant zither and eastern clarinet building into a melow release of uniform phrases.

Sunk by memotone

Please enjoy!
All the best,

New piece: Sunk.

Thankyou. Thankyou all.

Half-Remembered by memotone

Please enjoy.

All the best,

New Track: Half-Remembered

Have a play!

memotone’s inudge loop

Here is a piece I put together in the last week for the first round of the Dorset Music Awards which was last night. It went down well and I was very happy with my performance. A mix of live instrumentation, samples and effects but as always it’s all my own sounds.

All the best,

I will be playing for the first round of the Dorset Music Awards in Bournemouth this Sunday at 2:45 in the ‘Champions’ music venue.
I need all the support I can get so if you know your in the area then. Please head over and give a cheer for the judges.






‘Like driving through stunning countryside, Yates’s books force you to slow down and appreciate the scenery’
Independant on Sunday

‘One day Chris Yates’s books will be available on prescription from your doctor, as an antidote to modern-day ailments with more power to soothe and subdue than any tranquillizer.’
Angler’s Mail

‘There is more beautiful, securely thought, elegantly expressed and subtly responsive writing in this book than in volume after volume that make far greater claims to “literature”.’
The Daily Telegraph

My dad is a hugh inspiration to me and my musical composition. So I can thank him for what I have and what I may have in the future. If you ever come across one of his books, have a dip inside.