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Let me know what you think.
William Yates/memotone


If you click play and then pause on all of them first and let them load you will have more fun.
Congratulations to whoever had this idea.


A Brilliant Project. Have a play!

Now I can see where all my money goes.


Some Equipment of Mine.

I have just uploaded my newest piece to myspace. It is a mix of electronica, hip hop and jazz. I think its probably the best live drumming I have ever done in a piece so I am quite proud of that.
You can listen here.
Eating the Sun by memotone
Or here:

Please enjoy,
All the best
William Yates/memotone

New Piece: Eating the Sun

Live from Tollard Royal. A seven minute improvisation using glockenspiel, piano, pre recorded drum samples from a Pearl acoustic kit and a Roland HD-1, field samples, voice samples, fretless bass and clarinet all running through my Boss RC-50.

Please enjoy!

All the best,

I have been playing around with a few phrases and it seems Thom Yorke’s piano live from Cymbal Rush worked nearly perfectly. I just had to change one note. So here is the new bedroom session with the help of Thom Yorke.