Over the last week I have been trying to perfect two pieces that I will be performing live on BBC Radio Wiltshire tomorrow eveining from 7 ‘o’ clock. I have been invited onto the BBC Introducing programme after sending them some of my music and becoming the ‘featured artist’ on a september programme. This time around I am actually going into the studio to perform live and talk a bit about my music, which I am happy about. I just hope it all goes well. The pieces I am playing have many parts that could go wrong, so hopefully I have practised enough and will be confidant enough to pull it off. I have recently been told of the ‘BBC Introducing Stage’ at Glastonbury music festival. Which makes me even more excited about doing the radio gig because it means there is a slight chance that someone might hear it, and if I can perform well enough, maybe I will be put into some sort of draw in which the winner gets to play on said stage. I would be over to moon with that. Not that I am not alredy very happy with the opportunity I have been given this time around. So please, if you can, tune into BBC Radio Wiltshire, Which you can do here:
And if you miss it, the programme with be on BBC iplayer for a week afterwards. So I will update this blog with a link to a ‘play it again’ page.

BBC Introducing: On BBC Radio Wiltshire

  • November 11th, 2009
  • Posted in Music

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