I do not know if it’s the same with every artist, but I find on contemplation of my old music, even that of the beginning of this year, I seem to have a slight disregard for its quality. I think I even dissmiss the fact that I ever liked it at all and was ever proud of it. Just because I have moved on since then. Maybe my style has matured and my concepts have become stronger but that does not mean what I was doing befor was of no worth. And it always takes me to listen to my old music to relaise I can enjoy it still. And even be proud of it. It’s where my new music has come from. The path to where I am now. How could I think anything bad of it when It has lead me to a place I am so happy with.
After listening through my last album ‘Beyond The Next Room’ I realised that it is nearly all good. And was very happy afterwards that I had made that music. But before listening I was sure I would laugh at the infantile production value and sound quality. I was wrong. But maybe because it took me by surprise it had a more posotive effect than if I had been expecting something good. So I will leave on the note that the album is crap. And would you like a listen?
You can find it on itunes if you follow this tab.

If you do enjoy it. Please feel free to throw a few pennies in my direction.
Thankyou kindly,

William Yates/memotone

Beyond The Next Room

  • October 8th, 2009
  • Posted in Music

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