I have just finished my latest piece called ‘Difference Revealed’. The piece is a re-work of a piece called ‘Difference Released’ by ‘Will’ (www.myspace.com/willplowman) on the lable ‘A Future Without’.
After my first hearing of the original piece, in my head I was putting together all sorts of other bits that I thought may sound nice. After coming up with a few different ideas I thought I would ask Will Plowman if I could have a go at remixing his piece. He happily accepted my request which I was obviously very pleased about. I started to work on the piece the next day. I didnt quite know what to do so I imported his track as a whole and started to cut it up. I knew I wanted to make something with a different feel to the original piece but I didn’t know in which direction that difference would come from. I started out adding melodica, acoustic guitar and then drums. I was quite happy with the progression and got to about half way through the track when I relaised it was not what I wanted. So I scrapped it all apart from the original intro which I had run some wind chimes over the top of and a few dark sounding effects to some time stretched parts of the original piano. I left it for a day. When I came back to it I had recorded some distorted electric guitar phrases to go into from the intro. it worked quite well with some cut up and sped up parts of the piano. I diceded to drop in a wonky beat made up of all sorts of sounds and drum hits. It sounded quite good, but not what I wanted. I did not delete it this time though, I just saved it and have left it to work off of later. Finally today, I sat down and stared at the screen. As I was staring I noticed my trumpet and violin out of the corner of my eye. I started to play them along with the intro and it felt and sounded right. So I started to record bits and bobs. It just kept flowing on its own course. The music was directing me rather than me having to think about its direction. Thats when you know the music your working on is going well. I was on such a role that I managed to finish the whole piece in a few hours. Even if it did take 3 days to get there.
If you would like to hear the piece you can find it on my myspace at www.myspace.com/williamyatesmusic and if you are interested to hear the original you can download Difference Release by ‘Will’ from http://will.bandcamp.com/track/difference-released
Please enjoy.
All the best,

A new piece ‘Difference Revealed’.

  • October 22nd, 2009
  • Posted in Music

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