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K-Mag review: Top 10 Bass Music Releases, MARCH 2011

5. Memotone – Multicolour EP (Team Acre – TEAMACRE008)
Multi-instrumentalist William Yates, steps up with a four track EP for Team Acre under his Memotone moniker. The beautiful title-track Multicolour bends and snaps with organic fluidity, with layers of woozy, muted synths gathering overhead before showing the instrumental in colour. Lukid reinterprets Multicolour, rebuilding it into a hypnotic house groove, letting the decaying synths fray over the percussion. Bellatrix displays a more menacing otherworldly alchemy, with sharp synths slicing through the spectral atmospheres, while Clockwork Horse rounds off the EP beautifully, skipping and shuffling along with a somber heart, dusted with a distant sense of hope. All in all, a beautiful EP from Memotone.

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My girlfried discoverd this video of someone dancing to my music on youtube. Brilliant!




Thank you Black Acre.






Memotone – Single Serving Podcast (EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD)

This is something truly special. Memotone, Black Acre Records’ multi-instrumentalist boy wonder, has recorded an exclusive mix containing inspirations from the past alongside some exciting new records from some newcoming artists & Black Acre regulars. Names from the present including Hyetal, Snow Ghost, Dark Sky and Akira Kiteshi sit side by side with legends like Bjork, Battles, Four Tet, Flying Lotus and Aphex Twin. If at any point you’ve felt the slightest interest in left field electronica of any description this mix will be for you.The mix is perfectly structured, compiled and full of surprises, especially when the raging tech DnB of Spor dives out of one of Memotone’s own productions or Brian Eno works through a Pixelord track.

For those of you wanting to know more about Memotone check out his Website, SoundCloud or YouTube page. Look out for his live video recordings which display his impressive navigation of an MPC, Kaoss Pad, keys and guitar in a single track. His Multicolour EP is out now on Black Acre Records.