Today I decided to grab a very long extension lead and take it from my house, out into the woods. Where the lead met its maximum length I set up a few bits of equipment including my Kaoss Pad 3, the Boss RC-50 and an NXT-1 microphone and a couple of instruments. Guitar and Organ. Once I had everything set and ready to go, I just pointed the camera at the set up and pressed record. I didnt give myself any rehearsal time or use any previous ideas. Because of that sadly, one of the strings is out of tune on the guitar and I hit a wrong note on the organ. But I dont mind because that just reflects the imperfection of human kind. Or atleast thats what I’m going to say, hahaha.
You can view my exploration into woodland sound and many other videos on youtube. Just search memotone. But for now, here is the new number.
Please enjoy the improvisation.

All the best,

memotone Woodland Session One. September 2009

  • September 27th, 2009
  • Posted in Music

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