“The idea behind Twisted Dawn fits perfectly as a platform for this mix, we wanted atmosphere with a cinematic mood to represent the still beauty of night, and that’s exactly what landed in our inbox yesterday.

We hope for these mixes to have a meaningful impact, something that you will want to keep longer than your average mix. Play it late at night, while out driving, walking, or on a journey and prepare to be drawn in as the mix becomes the soundtrack to whatever you are doing.”


1. Sleepwalk – Moon Ate The Dark [SONIC PIECES]
2. Prelude – Hildur Gudnadottir [Touch]
3. Ravens Lament – The Haxan Cloak [Aurora Borealis]
4. Empty Platform – Memotone [From Forthcoming Album on Black Acre]
5. microon III – Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto [raster-noton]
6. Mapa – Murcof [Leaf]
7. Rostro – Murcof [Leaf]
8. R.I.P – Actress [Honest Jon’s Records]
9. Flicker VIII – Alexander Berne & The Abandoned Orchestra [innova]
10. Killing Floor – Vex’d [???]
11. Stokes Croft 5am – Bass Clef [BLANK TAPES]
12. Nightfall (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix) – Borealis [Origami Sound]
13. Down Illusion – Memotone [From Forthcoming Album on Black Acre]
14. Time Spent – Deaf Center [Type]
15. Lichter – The Notwist [Alien Transistor]
16. Snow – Hauschka [Fat Cat]
17. It Goes Without Saying – Nico Muhly [BEDROOM COMMUNITY]
18. Days In The Wilderness – Leyland Kirby [History Always Favours The Winners]
19. Half Nelson Courtship – Puma – [Rune Grammofon]
20. Ghosts I; 9 – Nine Inch Nails – [HALO]
21. Kanon Pokajanen; Ode V – Arvo P‰rt: Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir [ECM]

Mix for Immersed Audio – TWISTED DAWN

  • June 13th, 2012
  • Posted in Music

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