A simple set up. One thumb piano resting on the skin of a small snare drum which has a tambourine hanging off of it which is being played by a kick pedal. (Thank you Andy for the lend)
Also I have a small crash cymbal on another bigger snare drum. All of this is mic’d up via a pair of Binaural microphones for straight stereo recording and an Shure SM-57 running through my Kaoss Pad 3 with a granulated delay on the input. Also I have an Alesis Micron for the modest synth line at the start. All of this is then running into my Boss RC-50 loopstation (even though I only record one loop at the beginning) and being recorded via the stereo out on the pedal into my Zoom H4.
More experiments to come!


LIVE percussion experiment 1. [VIDEO]

  • January 20th, 2012
  • Posted in Music

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