I think a transistor radio left playing would have been a better tool for the job last night. After carefully crafting a 3 track live set, in the end had I been a Lounge Jazz DJ the whole event would have worked better. It is very hard to play along to something when you cant hear it over the general noise. Background musician is not my game.
I think this time, my gig slot expectations were too high. Ending in a crippling performance from me which can only have been an annoyance for them.
Lessons learnt.
Still, it was great to meet the few I did and always nice to see friendly faces. Also I really enjoyed the drive up and back even if I was on the road for 6 and half hours. I still feel I have a really good set that hopefully I will get to play to a crowd who wants to hear it.

Public Humiliation.

  • April 1st, 2011
  • Posted in Music

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