What fun it will be to learn the trumpet. I have always enjoyed the sound but never had a play. So I thought I would buy one and learn how. Another sound to add to my ever growing collection.
Also, on a less musical note (excuse the pun). I got my first car. Which is quite exciting. A Nissan Micra. So that should stretch my gig reach.

Its a lovely day down here in Wiltshire. The Chestnuts have nearly all been enveloped by golden leaves and all the little birds are hurrying around collecting the last of the nuts and berries befor there all gone and it’s too cold for them to venture out. These are all signs of winters approach. But I do not mind. Winter is as nice a time as any in my eyes. Just now I have been cutting wood for the fire. a very festive activity. But as I was cutting I found some good sounds. So I have also been recording the saw and axe screetching, scraping and clanging. Now I am cutting it up into a beat and adding all sorts of other things to it. Including a nice thumb piano melody, some nylon guitar, piano and the sound of me hitting my steel string with some Marimba mallets. Now I have to organise, add and take away untill I have a nice rounded piece.
I will let you know when I’m finished.
Merry September,

I just bought a trumpet.

  • September 24th, 2009
  • Posted in Music

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