Today I will share a little family history with you. It’s quite an incredible story which leaves me with a certain amount of respect for the biggest animal killer of human beings to date.
When my grandfather (who was also named William) was about 40 or so, he was shipped off to Japan to fight in World War II. They had set up a base on the edge of a great wood. One evening my grandfather got bitten by a mosquito and caught Malaria. Because of this he had to be shipped out and taken to a hostpital. On the evening he left, the camp where he was based was attacked and nearly every Britsh soldier was killed. His life was spared due to a mosquito bite and so I too am alive because of that one mosquito. Obviously you could keep taking in further and further back to find many causes for mine and my familys life, everyone’s life for that matter, it’s just funny that my life was saved by the biggest killer there is.

And for a little fun, if ever you are aware of a mosquito landing on you and you can see it. Wait for it to slide in its proboscis and then tense the limb that its on and you can actually watch the mosquito explode! (Thats a bit of a nasty thing to do but I have heard it really does work and it leaves you itch free.)

A new piece is on its way. So keep an ear out!

A Little History

  • September 1st, 2009
  • Posted in Music

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