It all went very well on Saturday. The atmosphere was very relaxed and a good environment for my down beat electronica. There were only a few technical hitches that I am only too relaxed about. Other than that it was swell. And perfect weather down here in Dorset for a garden stage.
I also got asked to play with ‘Achilles’ ( please check them out) who played there aswell. Just to improvise along side there music using my effects, samples and keyboards. So that was a fun experiance. There is nothing quite like playing music with other people. It forces you to go in directions you may not usually travel. Which is a very good thing. Refreshing your palate as it were.
On another note, I am just uploading a new video to youtube. So a link will be posted once its ready. There may also be some clips of Saturday to come. But I will have to speek to the man behind the camera.
All the best,

Saturdays Performance

  • August 10th, 2009
  • Posted in Music

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