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New Live Piece

I am just putting a few things together for a live performance on Saturday. Sadly its a private party, so invite from the host only. Otherwise I would invite all who read this to come along.
I have found out a good new trick on the MPC. Recording straight in and then putting it to 16 levels (if you have ever played with an MPC you would understand, if not… Its a little to complex for me to be botherd to go into. But just trust me when I say it is a lot of fun.)
I have been trying to build a song around a singing bowl which I have spread over an octave. So I have 12 notes of a singing bowl from A to G all from the same bowl. MPC’s are brilliant. Once getting a nice base sound down I have been building over the top with my oldschool kids yamaha keyboard. It has some very nice sounds on it considering it is just a toy really. Its the Yamaha PSS-9. I am quite sure they dont make them anymore. But if you want to get hold of one. Ebay is a good place to start looking. Once I have the keys down I have been building looping rythums from my Roland HD-1 kit. So Its all live which is nice. And then running the whole sound through effects on the Koass Pad 3 you can create a really big sound.
Hopefully It will all go well on saturday. There is quite a lot to remeber as I play all alone. Effects numbers and key phrases and things. But I feel confidant.
I will put up a video of the set when I get back. So keep an eye out.
All the best,

Live Set

Hello, My name is memotone. I am a 19 year old boy who has just been asked to set up a blog. I have never pushed my creativity or understanding in this direction befor. So lets all hope I can manage to keep it up. I was asked by my lable, A Future Without. There a very good lable so I will trust there judgement and just get on with it.
I hope someone out there is interested enough in my music to follow my blog. But if not. I will just allow it to enjoy the ether.